They were great with service and entertainment! They were very professional and the Snow Queen was perfect!! -Natalie Y.

         Had a birthday party Sunday for our 6yr old granddaughter and the Ice Sisters were there. They did a fabulous job. All our little Princesses absolutely loved them. Great job ladies! -Lee S.

Chicago Princesses
Chicago Princesses

Chicago Princess Party Characters

Polynesian Princess
Polynesian Princess

Chicago Princess Party Character

Ice Princess
Ice Princess

Princess Party

Chicago Princesses
Chicago Princesses

Chicago Princess Party Characters


Chicago Princess Parties: Why Choose Us?


Our Costumes

We take pride in the presentation of our birthday party characters. Every wig and dress has been chosen to provide an authentic experience. We provide the highest quality costumes in all of Chicagoland. Only the best for our clients!


Our Actors

Each of our actors are trained to keep children entertained and engaged. They go through an extensive interview and audition process. Some performers hold degrees in performance and/or early childhood education. Several of our cast members continue to star in theatrical productions throughout Chicagoland! Our birthday party characters will be the highlight of your celebration.



Each of our actors have vocal training & experience. They continue to receive training and perform outside of Magic, Music, and More Princess Parties! Your child will be delighted to sing their favorite songs with their favorite character!


Our Prices

We strive to keep our party packages affordable while still providing you with an amazing experience! We offer the highest quality in Chicago Princess Party characters! And we don't charge extra for more children! Invite us to your princess parties!

Located in Chicago, Magic, Music, and More happily provides princess party characters to Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. Invite a fairytale character or princess to your next party!


*English as a second language? Not a problem! Ask us about our Spanish speaking performers!

Invite us to your next birthday party!

Book Now!

*Fill out the short form below so that we can check availability for your event!

Chicago Princess Parties
Chicago Princess Parties

Chicago Princess characters

Chicago Princess Parties
Chicago Princess Parties

Chicago Princess Parties

Princess parties chicago
Princess parties chicago

Chicago Princess Parties

Chicago Princess Parties
Chicago Princess Parties

Chicago Princess characters


Chicago Princess Party


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Video Chats!

Since we are currently not offering in-person visits due to social distancing, we wanted to create a package that could allow children to meet with a princess in a safe way while still bringing magic to their lives!

What is included?

20 minute video chat with ONE Princess

Story time


Royalty Promise

Q & A



Why $40?

We absolutely acknowledge the hardships that many families are facing during this time. In an effort to keep our small business running and our princesses working, we wanted to provide a package at the lowest rate possible while still being able to keep things going. 50% of our earnings will go to your princess. The other 50% will be used for processing fees, business insurance, etc.

How to book...

1. Check the schedule below for available time frames with certain princesses. (We can only offer 4 different characters at this time as we only have those 4 available. Should more become available, we will be sure to let you know!) Only ONE character can be booked per session.

2. Fill out our new booking form (located below the calendar). Be sure to answer ALL questions!

3. We will email you a confirmation on your desired day and time slot and provide you with the exact time you can expect your princess to contact you.

4. Once you are signed up for a time slot, you can make your payment below! *No time slot is booked until payment is received.


Make your Video Chat payment below!

Not interested in a video chat, but would like a quick "Happy Birthday?"

For $10 we will send you a (1-2 min) video from one of the following princesses, wishing your little one a very Happy Birthday!

Choose between: Snow Queen, Belle, Ice Sister, or Rapunzel.

*Note: The video will not be personalized and will be emailed directly to you within 24 hours.

Simply fill out the form below and make your payment.

Make your Birthday Wish payment below!

Once again...

Thank you for choosing Magic, Music, and More Princess Parties and for supporting small businesses! Stay safe and have a magical day!

Order a Birthday Wish

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Weekly Schedule

(Please indicate which time slot you are interested in booking when filling out your form)

Beauty Princess

Tuesdays 11 am - 3 pm

Snow Queen

Thursdays 11 am - 3 pm


Mondays 12 pm - 3 pm

Ice Sister

Thursdays 12 pm - 3 pm

All 4 characters

Sundays (contact us regarding times)

Thanks! Message sent.

Where you've seen us...

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Nonprofit Visits
  • Hospitals
  • Various Fundraisers
  • Parades

Disclaimer: Our Princess Characters are not affiliated with any Disney Princess Character or any other licensed Princess Character. Again, we are not affiliated with any Disney Princess Character. If

you are looking for a licensed Disney Princess Character, please contact Disney directly.

Chicago Princess Parties