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Q: How far in advance should I book a Chicago princess party character?

         A: We suggest booking your party at least 2-4 months in advance to secure your desired date, time, and

             characters. However, you are more than welcome to contact us any time before or after that time frame to

             check availability and book your princess party!


Q: Can I call and book a princess party character on the same day as my party?

         A: Yes! You are more than welcome to call us on the same day as your party! However, since weekends are

             our busiest days, we might not be available to answer your call. If we can answer your call, we will do our

             best to schedule a character for you, but with a last minute booking, we might not be able to book

             a character.


Q: Can I request a specific performer(s) for my Chicago princess party?

         A: Absolutely! We will do our best to schedule your desired performer, but due to circumstances beyond our

             control, we cannot guarantee that particular performer. However, we CAN always guarantee a specific

             princess party character.


Q: What if something happens to the performer and she can no longer come to my party?

         A: Not a problem! We have a large and dedicated cast that will ensure you get your desired Chicago princess

             party character! If your performer is no longer available, we have another cast member on call and ready to

             bring smiles to all of your guests!


Q: Is there a limit to the number of children I can have at my party?

         A: No way! Our Chicago princess party characters are more than capable of entertaining any number of

             children! Our performers are very patient and can easily adapt to any situation. Party games are designed to

             include all children in attendance! All of the little ones will enjoy the Chicago party character(s)!


Q: I have boys attending my princess party. Will they enjoy the character(s)?

         A: Definitely! Our packages are differentiated and designed to be all inclusive! Party games include themed

             versions of: Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, Freeze Dance, and many more! During princess makeup time,

             boys can receive makeup beards and mustaches. We encourage all children to participate in the magical fun

             with our Chicago princess party characters!


Q: Do you only have princess party characters?

         A: Of course not! Our Chicago princess party characters are not our only characters. We have TONS of

             different party characters! You can check out our Superheroes, Princes, and Other Magical Friends by

             visiting their different pages!


Q: Do you offer discounts on your packages?

         A: Yup! Follow us on Facebook for announcements of events and offers on packages throughout the year! You

             can receive discounts via our Facebook page as well as by attending one of our events!


Q: Do your Chicago princess party characters visit outside of Chicago?

         A: Most definitely! Our party characters visit throughout NW Indiana, Chicago Suburbs, and Chicagoland. We

             will visit anywhere outside of these areas for an additional travel fee. Our Chicago princess party characters

             have traveled anywhere from Wilmette, IL all the way to Lafayette, IN! Message us today for a quote! Be

             sure to include your party address!

Q: Which costumes will the Snow Queen and Ice Princess arrive in?

         A: The Snow Queen will always arrive in her blue dress unless otherwise requested. She can arrive in her

             coronation or spring dress if requested and available. The Ice Princess may arrive in her Winter Wear or

             Green Coronation Ballgown depending on weather and performer. We want to make sure our cast members

             are comfortably dressed for their Chicago princess parties. Her spring dress is also available upon request.

Q: What is the age limit for Chicago princess parties?

         A: There is no age limit for children's parties! We've done christenings for newborns all the way up to 11 year

             old parties! We've also done tons of events with children of many ages! You are never to old to experience


Q: When are business hours?

         A: Booking hours are Mon-Fri from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. However, you may ask to schedule a party for

             weekends or weekdays and we will do our best to provide you with a character!

Q: Do I have to provide the music and makeup?

         A: Nope! We bring everything we need! We only ask that you clear an area for the party character to set up

             his/her speaker and makeup. We take care of the rest!

Q: Am I required to include all activities listed in the package?

         A: No way! Activities listed in the package are included in your time. However, if you choose to remove an

             activity, we can absolutely supplement it with more of one of the other activities. For example, if you'd like

             to replace story time with more games, that won't be a problem at all! Just let us know ahead of time, so

             we can be prepared!

Q: Can the Chicago party characters do activities other than what is included in the package?

         A: Definitely! If you have something you would like the characters to do, contact us prior to your party and we

             are more than happy to work with you! For example, if you'd like the characters to decorate cupcakes with

             the children, just tell us ahead of time so that the characters can be ready for it! Please keep in mind that if

             any additional activities require additional resources, you are responsible for those resources. Also, if you

             would like to plan activities for them to do, please be advised that your additional activities would replace

             some of the activities provided in your package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Our Princess Characters are not affiliated with any Disney Princess Character or any other licensed Princess Character. Again, we are not affiliated with any Disney Princess Character. If

you are looking for a licensed Disney Princess Character, please contact Disney directly.

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