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Chicago, IL 60633
Tel: 773-564-0783

Directions for booking:


1. Message or email us with your name, party location, date, time, and character(s). You can message us below. This is the quickest, most efficient way to book your party. (Bookings are done through our online messaging system. NOT over the phone. If you have questions, please visit our FAQ section of our website. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please include any questions you have in your message and a representative will be sure to get back to you. Thank you!)


2. If there is availability, we will respond back informing you that your date, time, and character(s) are available. You shall receive a response within 3-5 days of us receiving your message.


3. You must then make your $100 nonrefunable booking fee to lock down your date, time, and character(s). Fee must be made within 48 hours of receiving our initial response. You can find the link below. (NO character, date, or party is locked in until the booking fee has been paid.) Please note: If you wish to pay more than the booking fee, an additional fee will be applied.


4. Once payment is received, we will then email you with a confirmation contract the week before your celebration. You must read, sign, and return the contract stating that you agree to our terms and conditions within 24 hours of receiving it. If we do not receive a response to our contract agreeing to the terms, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and keep your booking fee.

Steps 1 and 2: Contact us to check availability

IMPORTANT: All sections must be filled out with all details in order to check availability and to receive a quicker response.

Step 3: Make your deposit

Your details were sent! Please allow 24-48 hours for a repsonse.

Once you have received a response from us, then you may make your deposit by clicking this "Buy Now" button. DO NOT make your deposit until you have received confirmation from a representative that your date, time, and character(s) are available.

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Disclaimer: Our Princess Characters are not affiliated with any Disney Princess Character or any other licensed Princess Character. Again, we are not affiliated with any Disney Princess Character. If

you are looking for a licensed Disney Princess Character, please contact Disney directly.

Chicago Princess Parties

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